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Advertiza is a digital advertising app running on Android and Apple Store. The app seeks to benefit everyone in an advertising value chain (i.e. Consumer, Advertiser, and Publisher) through a loyalty reward programme which pays cash to everyone using the app. The app is implemented on a blockchain technology giving advertisers/businesses exposure to the global market and also allows easy financial transaction flow between Advertiza Holdings and payment recipients.
1. Do I need to register to use Advertiza?

• All users (i.e. Business and Consumer) need to first register to use the app.
2. Is there a registration fee for users (i.e. Business and Consumers)?

• Registration to Advertiza is for free for both business and consumer users. Payment on Advertiza will only be made by businesses when purchasing a price plan to post an advert
3. Does registering as business user make my business searchable on view adverts section?

• Only business user who posts an advert is searchable on the view advert section.
1. How much does it cost to publish an advert on Advertiza?

• Different price plans exist for business users to select from. Price plan starts from $1.00 per day for business users outside South Africa and R20.00 per day for South African business users.
2. What are the methods of payments when purchasing a price plan?

• There are two methods of payment; credit/debit card payment through a payment gateway and TIZACOIN payment through blockchain. 3. How long will it take for my advert to be published on Advertiza?

• This depends on the price plan that is purchased. The advert could be published between a day to a 1 year.
1. Does advert search criteria allow for a search by location, item name, or business category?

• Advertiza will first show adverts which are closer to the device location. However, a user can search adverts from specific business category, location, or item name.
2. Can I see the distance and exact location of where the item being advertised is sold?

• The advert will show how far you are from the location of the item advertised in kilometre. Also, it is possible to navigate to the business location bringing the consumer to the business door step.
3. Can I purchase the item advertised on the app?

At this point no.
1. How much does one earn for referring a business to Advertiza?

• You earn 10% commission of every price plan purchased to publish an advert by the business you referred to the app.
2. Am I able to transfer my business referral to another user?

• There is a security feature to avoid fraudsters from stealing referrals recruited by others. This can only be done through lodging a request from the call center. A stringent verification process before the change is effected is followed.
3. How many businesses can a user refer?

• As many businesses as a user is able to recruit. The more businesses referred, the more chances a user is able to make more commissions.
1. What is a TIZACOIN?

A TIZACOIN is a currency used in Advertiza. For South African users the currency is in ZAR. For users outside South African borders, the currency is in US dollar.
2. Is payment for TIZACOINS only transferred through Blockchain?

• If you have a blockchain account your TIZACOINS could be transferred to your crypto currency wallet. However, for South African with a valid South African bank account, TIZACOINS in ZAR can be deposited directly in the bank account.
3. How does one earn TIZACOINS from Advertiza?

• There are two ways one earns TIZACOINS, namely; 1. Through Scanning QR Code of a business using Advertiza. 2. Earning 10% commission every time your business referral purchase a price plan to post an advert. 4. How many times in a day can I scan my QR code to earn TIZACOINS? There is no limit to scan the QR Code. However, all transactions will be verified before a payment is made to user bank account or crypto wallet. 5. As a business can I also earn TIZACOINS when shopping from other businesses who use Advertiza? Yes. As a registered Advertiza user everyone is entitled to earn TIZACOINS.
1. When can I redeem TIZACOIN?

• TIZACOINS are redeemable when they reach a minimum of $50.00 or R500.00.
2. What are two methods of payments which can be used to receive payments from TIZACOINS claims from Advertiza?

• Claims for TIZACOINS will be paid into a South African bank account or to a crypto currency 3. What is the maximum TIZACOIN amount one is able to redeem?

• You can redeem as much as you have in your balance. The only set condition is for minimum payable.
4. Can a non-South African bank account be used for accepting payments from Advertiza?

• At the moment bank account transfers will only be made to South African based banks. Payments to outside South Africa users need to have a crypto wallet to receive payments.
1. Can I edit my email address and Cell number after I am registered on Advertiza?

• Email and Cell Number amendments cannot be made on the app. Users will have to log a call with Advertiza Customer Care Centre should they require to make changes to email address and cellphone.
1. Why some of my referral are list In-active?

• An In-active referral indicates that the business does not have an active advert published on Advertiza at that point in time.
2. What does active status mean on my referral list?

• Active status indicates that the business has an active advert published on Advertiza at that point in time.
3. Am I guaranteed to get the money I claimed on Advertiza?

• All transactions undergo a thorough verification process to check for any suspicious or fraudulent transaction. If such transactions are identified they are rejected and a user shall be sent notification informing him of this transactions. Once all verifications are performed the money should be in the users’ bank account or crypto wallet within 7 working days.
1. What are transactions shown under transaction list mean?

• Transaction history gives a list of all transactions which took place on the user account.
2. Are all old transactions also shows on my transaction history list?

• This is for audit trail purpose. Transactions older than 3 years shall be kept on archives.
1. What notification will I receive from advertiza?

You shall receive the following notifications:
1. Welcome notification message
2. TIZACOIN accrual notification message. This you shall receive when you scan a QR code or your referral purchase a price plan. This is to notify you that your TIZACOIN balance has been credited.
3. Approval or rejection notification when transactions on your account are verified.
4. Notifications of new adverts published in your area.
5. Confirmation of payment processing once the money has been transferred to your account or crypto wallet.
1. What does the status active and inactive mean on the QR Code?

• Active status indicates that the business has an active advert during that period.
• Inactive status indicates that the business has no active status during that period.
1. What is found in the invoice history?

• All invoices paid for price plan, purchased by a business user are found in this section.

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